55 minutes | Apr 3, 2019

How Radiohead Bridges Genres / Q&A with Christopher O'Riley

In our second episode we learned about the various timbres Radiohead uses to craft a unique sonic landscape. From the chunky guitar of “Creep” to the eerie synth of “Like Spinning Plates,” Radiohead is purposeful in the instruments and effects they choose to convey a message.So what happens when you boil all of those timbres into one instrument? The answer is Christopher O’Riley. Through his albums True Love Waits and Hold Me To This, Christopher weaves the distinct instrumental voices of Radiohead into one solo piano interpretation. The result is mesmerizing.This is a special bonus episode. An interview with classical pianist Christopher O’Riley about what he learned about Radiohead from transcribing their music for piano. And why he believes that Radiohead’s music, like that of the classical greats, will stand the test of time.
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