25 minutes | Dec 11, 2020

Risen Vision Christian Comics with CEO Daniel Johnson

In this episode of Faith and Family Fellowship, Dallas interviews Daniel Johnson, CEO of Risen Vision Comics. Risen Vision is a comic book business where they are sharing their vision with the world while giving God the glory. Each book that is written is fictional based off original superheroes created from the mind of Daniel Johnson. CEO of Risen Vision. These books talk about everyday life struggles and how they find God in the end. The stories are relatable to everyday things we go through in life as humans. Then there’s always the blessing after in the stories. The first books for the business is called Saint which is 1 chapter but broken into 3 issues. The first 2 are now available at risenvision.org. You can also find them on Facebook at Risen Vision Comics-Thoughts of Light and follow them on Instagram at @rvcomics. Their goal is to encourage and touch the youth in today’s world and show them that they can be whatever they want. Believe in the Lord and the gift he’s given you and you will make it. Risen Vision.www.Risenvision.org
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