36 minutes | Sep 8, 2020

A Discovery of God's Word Through Song and Verse with Rockin' Odd Todd

In this episode of Faith and Family Fellowship, Dallas interviews another great guest, Rockin' Odd Todd from Song and Verse Ministries.Song & Verse Ministries celebrates the art of music – recognizing that God’s influence and design can be found in the souls of all humanity – His Creation. Through our podcast, blog, and other endeavors, we will strive to bring His Word to life through reflection, discussion, discernment, and the music itself.Song & Verse Ministries will also focus on building a community of sharing and enlightenment while motivating others to celebrate and share the Good News of the Gospel with all the world.Song & Verse Ministries believes music speaks to the soul, and it is a tool used to teach and admonish us all with wisdom through song, proverbs, parables, and psalms from His Holy Spirit (Colossians 3:16).
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