35 minutes | Mar 22nd 2021

Karen Swallow Prior-episode 268

Bestselling author and literature professor Karen Swallow Prior joins me on the podcast to talk about a favorite topic of hers and mine—how to read the classics well. She has written a new introduction to a number of classics along with adding wonderful questions for reflection. These are perfect editions for a book club.  The latest to be released into the world are Frankenstein and Jane Eyre. We delve into why classic literature is still, and always will be, relevant. As always, a delightful conversation with Karen Swallow Prior. Find her in the following places: • Website • Twitter • Facebook • Instagram       Note: When clicking through on links to products on Amazon, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The post Karen Swallow Prior-episode 268 appeared first on Anita Lustrea.
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