31 minutes | Mar 25, 2021

Episode 84: Terrance Bacchus - Financial Coach + Author

One of the first lessons Terrance Bacchus learned about money came at the expense of his job. Growing up in inner-city Boston, Terrance learned a lot about sacrificing for his future success. Now, he helps other people learn how to reach their goals as a financial coach. On episode 84, Terrance shares how his childhood informed his attitude about money, practical tips from his book and how to think about sacrifice. He also discusses the racial wealth gap and the importance of giving back. Show Notes: - Learn about Bacchus Empowered Coaching: http://www.terrancebacchus.com/ - Find out about Terrance’s book, "Financially Empowered: Achieving Success Through Sacrifice" here: http://www.terrancebacchus.com/author/ - Read about "Rich Dad Poor Dad" here: https://www.richdad.com/
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