37 minutes | Feb 11, 2021

Episode 79: Jason Vaughn — Frisch’s Big Boy President and CEO

After 25 years of working for large restaurant brands, Jason Vaughn wanted to use what he learned to propel a smaller brand. That led him to Frisch’s Big Boy, one of Cincinnati’s most beloved restaurants. But instead of using Frisch’s rich legacy as a guiding force, Jason has worked to make it a grounding force. On episode 79, the Frisch’s president and CEO talks about modernizing the restaurant by honoring, but not necessarily following, the past. Jason also shares a ton of leadership lessons he’s learned during his career, including why his employees are more important than he is and how to foster green light thinking. Show Notes: - Are you ready to interrupt your patterns and live healthier and happier without ever feeling like you are missing out? Learn more about 0.0 Living’s 30-Day Alcohol Reset: http://0-0-living.mykajabi.com/30-day-alcohol-reset
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