56 minutes | Feb 27, 2017

FtL 51: Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Jennifer Briney is host of the super fascinating Congressional Dish podcast. On it she breaks down congressional bills and gives you the dirty laundry hidden deep inside. It's not pretty.

Before she found her success, she was floating through unsuccessful sales positions and jobs with zero responsibility. And that's the story she tells us in this episode.

I couldn't help myself so Jennifer and I also discuss the presidential election, politics, and misleading news outlets. It's an educational and entertaining conversation.

Here’s what Jennifer and I discuss:

  • How she took a job as a salesperson just so she could get health insurance after college.
  • She became a successful leasing agent for her apartment complex. How everything went downhill when she was promoted.
  • Why she knew she could sell what she believed in.
  • How she transitioned into another sales position and failed.
  • What she thought about the product she was trying to sell. It's an odd one.
  • How she want 9 months without selling one of these products.
  • What she would've done differently, if she had to do it all over again.
  • How she thought she was a gifted salesperson until she went through this experience.
  • The critical lessons she learned from this selling disaster.
  • Why she called many of her "no responsibility" jobs "just for cashies."
  • How she started her political podcast, The Congressional Dish.
  • What motivates her to keep reading these congressional bills, and why she feels compelled to keep at it.
  • What she distrusts about our mainstream media outlets.
  • What drives media coverage today, and how it changes the way we believe what's going on .
  • How congress stuffs bills with horrible laws that can't be taken out, and why you never hear about it.
  • Wh she wishes traditional journalists would pick up and steal her stories.
  • What influences the TV news channels coverage choices and how it effects you.
  • How native advertising is ruining journalism.
  • Why she turns down ads on her podcast.
  • How she struggles when stating her opinions on the show. But she always disclosures her opinion if she shares.
  • Why this election helped shed a light on the corruption in both major parties.
  • How the Republicans and Democrats control the elections and won't let outside candidates on stage for debates.
  • How our power as citizens is in congress, not the president. And why you need to vote for house and senate candidates.

Enjoy the show:

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

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