35 minutes | Feb 23, 2017

FtL 50: Routine Is A Sign Of Success

Kevin Donlin has been involved with copywriting and marketing since the early 1990s. His experience is vast. Yet that didn't keep him from his mistakes along the way. Kevin shares some of these errors in this episode. Fortunately, each mistake was a stair step to elevating his business. Here’s what Kevin and I discuss: How Kevin started as a resume writer. How small classified ads attracted his first clients. Why looking at other people in your industry will screw you up when you make decisions on what to charge and how to run your business. Why people who pay more are better clients. How Kevin's hobby helping business owners turned into his copywriting and consulting business. How the 'sure thing' will always trip you up. Kevin's story about the importance of testing small before making a large commitment. Why a recurring revenue model changed his business. Why he said he has to get smarter each month to keep his coaching clients. What Kevin means when he said, "Routine is a sign of success." The neuroscience study that keeps him sending a physical package to his clients instead of an online coaching business. Why it's important to get hands on in your business every now and then. How he still struggles with accountability as an entrepreneur. How he took direct response marketing principles and applied them to resume writing. Why giving refunds will get you more sales, and more cash to keep in the long run. Enjoy the show: Routine Is A Sign Of Success
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