45 minutes | Nov 9, 2016

FtL 48: Your Most Important Negotiations Will Be With The People Closest To You with Kwame Christian

Kwame Christian discovered his passion for negotiation by accident. During law school he took a class on negotiation that sparked a fire inside of him.

He’s a practicing business attorney and recently launched the American Negotiation Institute to help you get better deals and advance your career.

I loved talking with Kwame about negotiation. This wasn’t a typical failure story because I went off track with my questions. Instead of a story you get some wonderful negotiation tips.

Here’s what Kwame and I discuss:

  • How Kwame realized he could make a business out of what actually interests him.
  • How he built his client base doing free negotiation seminars.
  • The 3 ways you can use negotiations. And it’s more than simply getting a better deal.
  • How Kwame’s happiness played into his decision to launch this business, and begin transitioning his legal practice.
  • The most difficult negotiations you’ll face.
  • Demystifying the planning process for any negotiation.
  • Kwame’s struggle to balance two startup businesses.
  • How he struggles with patience while building his audience.
  • How Kwame found successful connections through LinkedIn.
  • The difference between conflict and combat, and why that’s important to your sales and negotiations.
  • How long should you prepare before you negotiate with someone?
  • Why negotiations are won, and lost, in the preparation.
  • Why you shouldn’t look at negotiation as a single event and more like a long-term process.
  • The biggest challenge you face when negotiating.
  • Kwame’s 70–30 rule for negotiating.
  • Why he said he has a problem with selling.
  • How he thinks being a lawyer has hampered his ability to market himself.
  • How grit has played into his success.
  • If you’re in a business partnership, why you need to understand the communication challenges facing you. And how they’re more complicated than a marriage.

Enjoy the show:

Your Most Important Negotiations Will Be With The People Closest To You

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