41 minutes | Oct 26, 2016

FtL 46: You Discover Your True Friends On The Way Down

Steve Rodgers is the founder of The Alchemy Advisors and author of Lead to Gold: Transition to transformation.

Not long ago, Steve was flying high as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway’s southern California real estate company. He was leading over 5000 sales people at 110 different offices. It was his dream job.

However, he took control when the real estate market was at its worst. And he had to start cutting everything back. He had to layoff friends. He had to close offices.

And then he was laid off.

Steve took this blow hard. It knocked the wind out of him. Yet he was able to bounce back and start The Alchemy Advisors and pursue his calling.

This rollercoaster ride is where Steve and I start our discussion in today’s show.

What you’ll enjoy in this episode:

  • How Steve chose to focus The Alchemy Advisors on productivity, profit, and purpose.
  • Why Birkshire wasn’t behind him, in the way Steve expected, when the going got tough, and told him to start closing offices.
  • How he stuck to his ideals and tried to grow the business, despite being told to cut everything back.
  • Why he said, “When you’re the coach of the team, and the team is not winning, a lot of times they replace the coach. Sometimes that needs to happen.”
  • Why he moved out of his parents home when he was 17, and what that means to Steve today.
  • Before Steve took over as CEO, he could see the “writing on the wall” that led to his termination.
  • What a little voice in Steve’s head said to him when he sat in the CEO chair for the first time.
  • How he thinks being fired was actually a push, forcing him to pursue his dream.
  • The emotional challenge you face when firing the people you call friends.
  • Why his wife took the firing worse than he did.
  • How he discovered his true friends after being fired.
  • How he went from being attached to his position and title to, what I called, “Happy Steve.”
  • How he finds gratitude, and maintains a positive outlook, throughout all the struggles he’s faced… and will face.
  • Why he feels like he’s finally found his purpose.

Enjoy the show:

You Discover Your True Friends On The Way Down

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