50 minutes | May 11th 2018

Ep 3, Segun Lawson - Dom talks to Segun Lawson, CEO of gold mining company Thor Explorations

On episode 3 we talk to Segun Lawson, CEO of Thor Explorations, a mining company that specialises in gold mines in West Africa. Segun’s story is the classic entrepreneur’s tale…on steroids. I think Segun should sell the rights of his story as a film, it’s real Boys Own stuff. Give it a listen to hear stories of how Segun lived in the Nigerian jungle, how he had to find $250,000 in 30 days for a Senegalese businessman, and what happened when a tribal chief in Burkina Faso invited him for dinner, plus much more. Enjoy! RUNNING ORDER: PART 1: Segun introduces himself and his company (01m 27s) PART 2: Segun tells us about the time he had to raise $250,000 in 30 days for a Senegalese businessman, and how on day 28 he still didn’t have a single cent of it (08m 10s) PART 3: Segun explains how powerful a “what do I have to lose?” attitude is in business (14m 46s) PART 4: Segun relives one of the sweetest moments in his entrepreneurial journey…and how short-lived it was (21m 28s) PART 5: Segun talks about the differences in business culture in rural West Africa…and tells us the chicken in Burkina Faso story (32m 53s) PART 6: We discuss how good things sometimes happen almost by accident (35m 22s) PART 7: Segun tells us what the hardest thing in business is (41m 25s) PART 8: We discuss who Segun turned to in the tough times (44m 08s) Music credit URL: freemusicarchive.org/music/Tours/En…s_-_Enthusiast