37 minutes | Jul 28, 2017

147: Lena Dunham and Other Actors People Hate

  Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast, we embrace the outrage as we discuss Lena Dunham and other actors that people absolutely HATE. From the past and present, we cull celebrity names that make us shudder and cringe... or just outright make us want to punch them in the face. But first we read a scene from Shia Labeouf's 2007 live-action "Transformers" and talk Lena Dunham joining "American Horror Story" and the "Shape Of Water" trailer for our Speed Round.  Episode Breakdown: Pooya: You are listening to FilmFad.com’s FadCast Episode 147 Ryan: With Special Guest, silent speaker, JD the Mime Pooya: Today we’ll take aim at those select celebrities who we love to hate Ryan: as we talk about Lena Dunham and Other Actors People Hate Pooya: You’ll hear all that and more so let’s get started! (Intro Music break) Current Events LENA DUNHAM JOINS ‘AMERICAN HORROR STORY’ ELECTION-THEMED SEASON 7 The Ryan Murphy hit series “American Horror Story” adds a controversial name to its election year based season. Lena Dunham who is known for the HBO series “Girls” and her outspoken voice on social media will be joining the cast for season 7. The casting was confirmed by a tweet from the show’s creator Ryan Murphy. Click HERE for the full story! “The Shape of Water” Trailer Shows Off Del Toro’s Version of Oscarbait Now if your reaction was “what the hell was that?!” I actually understand. This looks like it’ll be an odd movie. However the thing about great directors like Guillermo Del Toro and Edgar Wright is how they can take subjects that you know in your head are bizarre, but they just know how to make it work. Click HERE for the full story! (~2min) Scene Read "Transformers" (2007) featuring: Ryan as Sam Witwicky and Narrator, Pooya as Teacher and Assorted Classmates. (~4min)   Main Topic Lena Dunham and Other Actors People Hate (~30min)   Do YOU want to be featured on an episode of the FadCast?! Well then, call the FadCast hotline at (310) 651-8127 and leave us a voicemail to possibly be featured on an upcoming episode! Awesome, right?! We know!!!
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