49 minutes | Jul 8, 2017

146 | The Evolution Of Spider-Man Movies

Episode Summary: This week on the FadCast,we wall crawl and web swing into action as we talk the tumultuous movie history of Spider-Man. From one off 70s television special to script rewrites, to litigation limbo, to Raimi, to Webb to MCU, we cover the ups, downs and all-arounds of the Spider-Man movie history. But first we do a scene read from "Spider-Man" (2002). Episode Breakdown: Pooya: You are listening to FilmFad.com’s FadCast Episode 146 Ryan: With Special Guest, silent speaker, JD the Mime Pooya: Today our spider-senses tingle with anticipation as we wall-crawl and web-sling into action Ryan: Talking the Evolution of Spider-Man Movies Pooya: You’ll hear all that and more so let’s get started! (Intro Music break) Current Events     TRAILER FOR ‘ANOTHER WOLFCOP’ ARRIVES IN EPIC FASHION! Lou Garou is ready to kick some ass and consume mass quantities of liquor and doughnuts in “Another Wolfcop.” From Director Lowell Dean comes a new chapter to the cult action-horror hit “Wolfcop” with a touch of a holiday theme. As we see in the trailer, things get a bit more bloody and a lot more action-packed as the character continues his journey as our favorite Lycan police officer. Click HERE for the full story!   “SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING” MADE A MAJOR CHANGE… AND NOBODY NOTICED From Tobey Maguire’s meme-birthing, wretched cry-face to Andrew Garfield’s ultra “cool” skateboarding Peter Parker, the ratio of Peter Parker to Spider-Man has never been ideal. While it’s no surprise that the internet is riddled with malcontent movie-goers, it’s “Amazing” to me that only a couple of critics and fans have raised issue with such a major change to one of Marvel’s flagship characters. Click HERE to find out why. (~4min)   Scene Read   "Spider-Man" (2002)   featuring: Ryan as MJ, Geeky Girl, Flash and the Narrator & Pooya as Peter Parker. (~5min)   Main Topic   The Evolution Of Spider-Man Movies Early History Raimi Trilogy Webb Duology MCU (~40min)   Do YOU want to be featured on an episode of the FadCast?! Well then, call the FadCast hotline at (310) 651-8127 and leave us a voicemail to possibly be featured on an upcoming episode! Awesome, right?! We know!!!  
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