49 minutes | May 25, 2021

Moby Doc: A Life in Reprise

Richard Melville Hall, better known to most of us as Moby, is an electronic music pioneer. In the 1990s he scored numerous top ten hits on the Billboard Dance Club chart and his album Play (1999) has sold over 12 million copies. Even with all that success, Moby still found himself hitting rock bottom, contemplating suicide and wondering why he wasn't happy despite achieving everything he wanted. Joining us is the director and writer of the Moby Doc, Rob Gordon Bralver. Rob teamed up with Moby to make a documentary about the musician’s life, activism and his struggles along the way in the quest for happiness. Rob tells us how he got the opportunity to make this film and what it was like closely collaborating with Moby. Moby Doc will be released online at the same time as Moby’s new album Reprise on May 28th.   “There’s an element that’s meant to be a cautionary tale for not just aspiring artists, but aspiring anything. It’s seldom the road that you believed that it would be when you started.” - Rob Gordon Bralver Time Stamps:   00:11 - The trailer for Moby Doc. 04:30 - What the film is about. 07:07 - Moby’s childhood and how his music tastes evolved. 11:30 - How Moby’s career crashed and how he dealt with this. 16:37 - The depression he had even at the height of his success. 19:46 - How the project with Moby started. 25:06 - How the collaboration between Rob and Moby worked out. 28:40 - The way the film makes fun of other documentaries.31:33 - What Moby is trying to achieve with the film. 36:07 - The music videos that Moby and Rob make together. 37:58 - Moby’s thoughts on the final result of the film. 39:50 - David Lynch’s involvement in the film and what makes a good doc. 43:17 - How Rob got started in making documentaries.   Resources: Moby Doc (2021) Pre-Order Moby's Upcoming Album Reprise Careers in Film Alamo Pictures   Connect with Rob Gordon Bralver: Website Connect with Factual America: Facebook Instagram Twitter   Connect with Matthew Sherwood: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter   More From Factual America:The Notorious B.I.G. Has Got a Hip-Hop Story to Tell Tina Turner: The Queen of Rock'n'Roll's Untold Story Underground Inc.: The Legacy of Alternative Rock Billie Eilish: A Portrait of the Artist
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