50 minutes | Feb 23, 2021

Billie Eilish: A Portrait of the Artist

In the blink of an eye, Billie Eilish has gone from being an aspiring musician to a five-time Grammy Award winner and global superstar with a multimillion-fan following on social media.

Brilliantly capturing this incredible journey in his new documentary, award-winning director RJ Cutler returns to the podcast to discuss Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry (2021).

Inspired by musicals, concert films and observational cinema, the film takes an intimate look at Billie Eilish’s remarkable rise to superstardom. 

RJ spent a year with Billie Eilish and her family, and what he found was an extraordinary teenage artist creating remarkable music with her brother Finneas. He also found a young woman in full control of her career with the support of those who love and respect her.

Available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+ from February 26th 2021, this film is destined to become an instant classic to be revisited for many years to come.  

“She’s demanding, she’s exacting, she displeases herself. Did we just describe the teenager or the artist? - R.J. Cutler

Time Stamps:

03:40 - What the audience can expect to see in Billie Eilish: The Word's a Little Blurry. 05:21 - How content RJ is with the final result of the film. 06:09 - The year of Billie’s life captured in the film. 10:53 - The film's incredible concert footage. 14:13 - What type of audience Billie has, and the connection she has with them. 16:55 - How Billie is a genuine person rather than a created persona. 17:30 - How RJ got involved with the project. 20:58 - The innate directing skills Billie has. 24:13 - What RJ thought he would capture before shooting began. 26:50 - The amount of change that is going on in Billie’s life at the moment. 34:38 - How RJ realised on his first day of filming that Billie really was the boss. 42:06 - How Billie’s story and her art are both specific and universal. 47:45 - What is next for RJ? 


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