47 minutes | May 4, 2021

From Freelancer to 65K+ Agency in Only 2 MONTHS w/Eduardo Pantoja|EP51

In this episode, I talk to Done-For-You Agency member Eduardo Pantoja about how he was working several jobs and doing digital marketing on the side. He battled COVID19 and a fear of the unknown to come out on top and go all-in with his agency. He took his digital marketing side hustle and was able to scale it into a 65K+ agency in only 2 months. He shares what he has learned along the way that can help you do the same.   In this podcast you will get the latest success strategies, scaling techniques, and top-tier interviews with agency owners sharing their success stories and lighting the pathway for all to follow. Learn how to go from a freelance marketer to a 7-figure agency owner. Want to skip all the "learned it the hard way" mistakes most agency owners make? Ready to implement a system that cranks out high-ticket leads, rapidly builds your team, and lands your new deals FOR YOU? 🚀Apply for the 'Done-For-You' Agency  here: https://sobeviral.com/application --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/faab/message
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