11 minutes | May 23, 2021

Topics for Season 3 (S3E1)

Hi, My name’s Gaia and I started a podcast a little over a year ago called FTS. It’s about religion and unbelief. I’m an atheist but I love studying and talking about religion and with people of belief. I’ll use this TT to record episodes, places of worship I visit and people I talk to. I just thought I’d let you listen to a part of Season 3, Episode 1 ---- So here we go. Hi, you're listening to Face The Sun. My name is Gaia, and I'm your host. Welcome to a show where I discuss matters of religion, belief, and unbelief. Today I am starting SEASON 3.  We will discuss topics that I've been pondering about for this past year. I would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to have as topics of discussion. Please feel free to reach me at FaceTheSun2020@gmail.com . My next episode will be an interview I conducted with Justin Good. He's a professor of philosophy and he wears a lot of other hats as well, which you'll hear about in that episode. From there. I will air a conversation I had with a friend of mine - about her family leaving Puerto Rico and coming to the states and the journey that they had with the church. I started a series back in January 2020 that I titled “52 in 52” or “52 Places of Worship in 52 weeks”. The idea to visit 52 places of worship that year. That was pre COVID. I couldn't get to those 52 places in 2020 because of the pandemic. I've gone to one place recently. It was an Episcopal church that I will record as one of my 52 places. I think that will put me at number 11 and I anticipate on going to more places in 2021 and 2022 as the restrictions for this pandemic are being lifted.  For episode ideas for this new season, I am going to do a part two on Street Epistemology. I meant to do that last season, but I didn't get to it. I did get to a lot of other hot topics. I covered last season topics like racism, LGBTQ, and abortion. So…all light topic… Those are really such heavy hitters that they, they wore me out. And I was - I was kind of worn out, you know, I was a little teary at different times. And part of it, I had a personal story, in regard to the church and prayer and how that feels - that it feels a little like waving the magic wand of prayer and hoping that terrible. horrific things don't happen to you. Even though there are plenty of other ways for people to get involved, to make sure that terrible things don't happen and don't occur. And then also with abortion. I gave a personal story of why I changed from being a Catholic pro-lifer to a Protestant pro-lifer to a woman who believes WE should have the rights to do whatever WE damn well, please, with OUR own bodies. And there was a very, very tragic, frustrating, horrifying experience I had with that, that I was very open with. And so all of those episodes were helpful, but exhausting.  I'm very grateful for those who reached out to me via my email and called and checked in and were very encouraging for this year. I AM also going to talk about Women and their roles in marriage and in the church. There's a mentality of…I don't know how to best to say it… I'm going to try to be cautious with my words or cautious with my thoughts here, but I have certainly plenty of thoughts on this.  I'm a feminist as way back as my preteen years. So, I have very definite views of women and how they are, or are not, valued in church. There's a book that I'm reading called The Making of Biblical Womanhood - by Beth Alison Barr. I'm curious about churches who have a stance on complementarian versus egalitarianism. I'm also curious about having difficult conversations. There's lots of opportunities to have difficult conversations in churches and places of worship, especially when it comes to women, especially when it comes to their rights as women and their roles as being equal. And I do think that it's a disservice for men to not see women as equals or you know, use a different phrase, like, yeah, “we're equal”. “We're just separate, you know, that kind of separate, but equal”. That has been played out in other places in our history, and it doesn't work out well. So, I want to, I want to have conversations with other women about what they think. If you're interested in that, certainly feel free to email me at FaceTheSun2020@gmail.com. I'll be doing some other episodes on other people's podcasts. A few other podcasts that I really like listening to are: The Wonder and Mystery of Being, by John Stein card. He apparently played a lead role in a Christian band. About a year ago, a little over a year ago now, he left Christianity and made a public statement. He's been an interesting person to follow in that he is not hating on gays and trans and women. And when he has his podcast and being very respectful of groups that other people have not been respectful of for many, many thousands of years. He's being embraced by certain communities and I think he's being rejected by some others. The other podcast that I like is Unbelievable? (question mark) by Justin Brierley. I've mentioned him and is podcast a multitude of times since I first started my podcast - back right before 2020. He's been a quasi-friend of mine. We messaged each other periodically. He's a good guy who I, you know, I don't agree with him 99% of the time, but I really appreciate him. And then some other podcasts I listened to are Thank God I'm Atheist and Free Thought Radio and The Holy Post, by Phil Vishner. He did Veggie Tales and his crew - they have, they have a good, they have a good repertoire. So I might do some episodes on their episodes. I might also do episodes on some Christianity Today magazine articles. If there's anything that you like, and you want me to touch on or talk about, you can reach out to me about that as well. I ordered the magazine Christianity Today a year and a half or so ago. That was because they were courageous enough to write the concerns about Donald Trump and how he had pulled white evangelical Christians down this path of, you know, of anything that is not Jesus…lots of hate and vitriol against a lot of people - immigrants and women and gays, and black and brown people. That really sounded like anything other than Jesus to which I think they (Christianity Today) lost a lot of members for that support of hatred. Christianity Today went out on a limb and they wrote an article that was not pro-Trump. It was very concerning about the evangelical, white, Christian support of Trump and how that was going to backfire. Once they were courageous enough to come out with it, and even though I don't agree with the magazine on almost every front, I subscribed to a three-year subscription because I wanted to give them my money and say, thank you.  I could do an episode or two on any one of their articles. I just need to consider what I want to do. I'm also going to do some episodes, hopefully on Christopher Hitchens’ book, or I'm going to do one on maybe Dan Barker's book. Dan Barker has a book called Godless: How an Evangelical Christian became one of America's Leading Atheists. So, I have a couple of books and articles that I'm looking at. I've also have had a conversation with a friend of mine that I've met through this podcast, and we had a conversation on the right to die. In the state I live in, we had some legislation that has gone through several years on letting people have the right to die. When they are in a terminal illness and they only have six months to live and he brought up some really good points about what are other options. I think that the bill should pass. It's not going to pass in 2021, but I think this bill should pass. And I think that his concern should be addressed as to what can we do to help people to stay connected through hospice and through palliative care. Those are some of the things I’m thinking of. If you have any thoughts or ideas that you want to see for Season Three, feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you. I'd love to chat with you about some of your thoughts and possibly have you as a guest on the podcast. All right. So, I'm going to close out here. I want to thank you so much for listening, and if you want to reach me, you can contact me at FaceTheSun2020@gmail.com. And until next time, I want to remind you to face the sun.
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