58 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

Loral Langemeier, Ken Bradley and Shevyn Roberts Interviews.

Featuring Loral Langemeier, Ken Bradley and Shevyn Roberts Interviews. Hosted by Eric Z aka EZ. EZ TALK LIVE is a live web streamed and shot for TV Improve Radio TV Talk Show. This show is produced on the @EZ WAY TV Channel and is powered and broadcasted by Roscoes Chicken N' Waffles RadioTV Network Roscoes Media Center. This show is distributed by WTV NEWORKS and their affiliates. The show features all types guests ranging from business people, advertisers, artists, models, comedians, sports figures, actors, authors, writers, producers and more... We have live performances on air and stream music videos to feature our guests talents. We have conversations about interesting and trending topics as well as success advice. Most likely you will be able to enjoy some sort of freestyle rap from EZ, Natasha or TKO that many people can't get enough of. The show has segments of Red carpet interviews and some behind the scenes of Hollywood. If you were to combine Dish Nation, Howard Stern, Arsenio Hall and maybe a radio version of American Idol you'de get EZ TALK LIVE The show gets live and guests never know whats going to happen. We have our EZ WAY ANGELS and other models. We may ask them to dance or maybe play Ring girls, We take people out of their element and see what they can do. You never know what your going to get but you do know its going to be fun! EZ TALK LIVE airs on our our mobile app every Tues. 4 pm pst http://ericzuley.com/downloadapp more info at http://eztalk.live
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