54 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

EZ TALK LIVE feat Sean Riggs Star of Lazarus hosted by Eric Zuley

EZ TALK LIVE helps connect our fans with our experts. Our subscribers get invaluable golden nuggets and information from our show to help them excel to higher lengths in their career. Our audience gets to network with one another. Sit back relax and enjoy a fun and entertaining show and grow your business the eZWay! “Lazarus,” starring Sean Riggs, centers around a man who is killed, but his death is a brief affair. Upon regaining consciousness, he discovers he has been gifted with extraordinary powers that allow him to super-heroically fight the organization responsible for plunging his city into darkness. “He was given a second chance,” Riggs, the lead actor and an executive producer of the film, told FOX Television Stations. “But now he’s able to use the skillset of his enemies on to them.” Riggs previously worked with the film’s writer and director R.L. Scott on past movies, including “Touye Pwen: Kill Point” and “Call Me King.” “We created this story together — ‘Lazarus’ — but our relationship goes back further than that,” Riggs shared. “It’s really difficult to create an action film, because of budget, but now that we live in this era, where tools are more accessible or affordable, we can go out and create something.” “Lazarus,” which proved to be a hybrid between action and thriller, is jam-packed with stunt coordination and features nearly 80 stuntmen. While Riggs had his own stunt double, he also trained to do his own stunts. “It took a lot of hard work,” Riggs said. “I wanted to be that type of actor that can really do a lot of their own stunts.” Other actors involved include Costas Mandylor (Saw IV), Noel Gugliemi (Training Day) and R&B superstar Mya (Chicago). Riggs said he hopes audiences take away a message of discovery when watching the film. “He’s [Lazarus] finding out who he is. But the moment he starts to find out who he is and what he is here for, why he’s given the significant powers he’s given… wait until the world gets a load of what he can do,” Riggs said. “He takes the souls of his enemies. He can take on their memories, he can take on their power — he can use it to heal himself, and he takes on their physical attributes, and you kind of see that throughout the film,” Riggs continued. The movie sets itself up for a sequel, and when asked about the possibility, Riggs said, “It’s an extremely big universe, and we don’t want it to end there,” suggesting that fans of the film could see Lazarus return to the big screen again. Lazarus joins Tubi’s massive global library of over 30,000 movies and television shows, free to viewers. Create your free account at http://ezwaywalloffame.com all our shows are always blogged on this news wall and you can always catch the action on the official Eric Zuley website http://eztalk.live If you have AppleTV, Amazon Fire or Roku you can alway watch our shows live or OnDemand by installing our eZWay Network mobile or streaming app or….. Download EZWAY FAMILY APP
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