13 minutes | May 7th 2019

Eye See Copenhagen Intro

 Welcome to Eye See Copenhagen! My name is Jim Lind and I moved from Scotland to Copenhagen in 2012. In late 2015 I started to use a live streaming app called Periscope to show Copenhagen to people all around the world and talk to them about what it's like living here as an expat. I talk about the history, the culture, the architecture, the bicycles, the hotdogs....... basically, everything and anything to do with Copenhagen and Denmark. I have now done over 490 'Scopes', mainly involving Copenhagen. Earlier this year I was Scoping the Hans Christian Andersen statue, which sits next to Copenhagen City Hall. While I was there I suddenly though 'What do people actually know about Hans Christian Andersen?' So I asked the people who were watching from around the world. Their answers varied, from knowing a little to knowing nothing at all. That was the spark for this Podcast channel..... Bye for now, Jim Web - www.eyeseecopenhagen.com Instagram - eyeseecopenhagen Twitter - @JimLind12 Music - www.emmyrich.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eyeseecopenhagen/message
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