18 minutes | Jun 4th 2019

Episode 5: Only In Denmark.....

This episode is an example of one of the cultural differences between Denmark and......  probably most countries in the world. A Danish friend of mine, who often sends me interesting links to Danish history and culture,  sent me a link. He simply wrote 'Only In Denmark.' It turned out to be a link to a national Danish television channel which is aimed primarily at children from 7-12yrs old. It is an educational program where children can ask adults questions about their bodies. The program is in Danish but I have translated the main questions, and answers, into English in the Podcast. This particular one is about the penis. On the show you will see five men completely naked from the waist down. IF HUMAN NUDITY OFFENDS YOU, PLEASE DON'T WATCH IT! If you do want to see the actual program click HERE. If the above link doesn't work (Looks like it doesn't work on Apple Podcast) just go to www.eyeseecopenhagen.com and go to the Podcast section. The link will work from there. I am very interested to hear what people from around the world think of this show and if you think it would ever be aired on a children's channel in your area. Bye for now, Jim Web - www.eyeseecopenhagen.com Instagram - eyeseecopenhagen Twitter - @JimLind12 Music - www.emmyrich.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/eyeseecopenhagen/message
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