33 minutes | Jan 13, 2020

How To Make $100,000+ With UBER/LYFT...🚙 Hidden Secrets Any Driver Can Start Taking Advantage Of Today, Even Better For Tesla Model 3 Owners

This is a podcast for Hustlers to hear extreme opinions on the up's, downs, tips & tricks of being an entrepreneur live from inside a Tesla. Travis Davis & Devin Mickens are on a mission to help hustlers turn their passions into profits. Together they have tried over 20 opportunities, been scammed over $100,000, talked about, frowned upon and much more but have not allowed that negative energy to block the blessing that have been in store for them. Learning from experience it has become a duty to share an authentic path of hustling    📩Register For Our Hustlers Email List & Get 20 Free Tips On Hustling The Internet: ExtremelyOpinionated.com   Join ClickFunnels & The One Funnel Away Challenge With The Link Below & I Will Personally Help You Build Your First Or Next Funnel: 1 Hustle Away 🚨Join The 20/20 Hustler Vision:  🚨  Book Your 📸 shoot with Devin Mickens     🚘Pre-Order your Tesla CyberTruck for Hustlers today for only $100 & receive 1,000 miles of supercharging FREE:    5:12- QuickBooks the tool that helps all Hustlers manage there money, organize there money and most of all it helps you to know your numbers. "You can't scale if you don't know your numbers.   💲Use the link below & get 50% off your subscription and a $50 Gift Card 💲 https://www.referquickbooks.com/s/Travis51   Start making some side money today with UBER/LYFT and ill give you the keys to maximizing your profits and making an extra $1,000 a week when you register using the code below  🚘 UBER: 🚘   Use Canva Today & Level Up Your Graphics  Notes:  2:43 - Affiliate Marketing  3:40 - Using UBER/LYFT To Grow A Personal Business  4:07 - The Trigger To Getting A Tesla  5:18 - How Tesla's Charge V1, V2, V3 & The Specialty Built Inside A Model 3 6:07 - The Price & Time Of Charging A Tesla  7:51 - The Expenses Of Getting A Tesla Model 3 To UBER/LYFT 8:27 - The Income For Driving UBER/LYFT 9:15 - Full Expense Breakdown For Driving With UBER/LYFT 14:00 - How UBER/LYFT are paying you $19,000+ Per Year To Build Your Business  15:19 - How We Turn The Tesla Screen Into A Driving Billboard to  17:10 - The 10% Game That 10x's My Current Income  18:30 - How To Make Extra Income Off Of Restaurants With UBER/LYFT & It's Not Delivering Food 20:37 - The CyberTruck A Hustlers Dream Car 21:30 - How We Can Help Your Brand Your Tesla & Or Any Other Car For Business 22:28 - Karaoke How It Breaks The Ice & Increase Profits  25:38 - Sony 24mm f1.4 G Master Lens 27:25 - Get Coaching On Photography  27:55 - Canva Graphics Designs That Help All Hustlers  28:55 - "It's Money To Be Made You Gotta Go Get It" Increase Your Wealth & Knowledge  30:34 - "Do Not Wait For Perfection Just Get Started" --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/extreme/message
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