33 minutes | Jan 27, 2020

How To Create Passive Income To Make 6 Figures Or More Using The Latest Technology: Turo, Tesla & Much More

Be sure to visit ExtremelyOpinionated.com For All Show Notes...💯 Visit HustleTheNet.com to register for more coaching from Devin & Travis  Get 1,000 miles of free supercharging when you order your Tesla here  1:58 what the average person is trading their time for 2:10 what is passive income 3:15 how to brand in our previous episode Branding Your Tesla 3:56 Mickens extreme hustle health is wealth 5:46 Dr. Travis Davis Extreme Hustle Invest In Yourself 7:47 Turo what it is & how its making us 6 figures 8:37 how you would go rent a car on Turo 10:10 what returns you can expect with using Tesla 10:30 what you can expect to make off TURO 11:58 Extra service to in crease your profits 13:00 the perks Tesla Model 3 gives you with renting your car on Turo 14:40 Adding Sales Funnels & Branding the Tesla to add value 17:07 The Rideshare Business That You Can Run With Your Tesla For More Passive Income 18:40 Tesla 18 Wheeler and how it will increase profits x 3 with no extra overhead 20:48 The Tesla Network Is Coming Soon & What It Will Bring To All Owners 23:44 Mickens Extreme Tech: The iPhone, no excuses as why you can’t produce content and make profit with your phone. 24:54 Travis Extreme Tech: Anchor get your first podcast recorded and uploaded today. 26:19 Mickens Extreme Motivation the power of becoming wise 27:30 Travis’s Extreme Opinion BE DO HAVE --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/extreme/message
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