45 minutes | Nov 24th 2020

Christine Schlonski – Sales is Love – Episode 176

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am happy to introduce you to Christine Schlonski, the Founder of Heart Sells! Academy and Host of Heart Sells! Christine is passionate that Sales is Love. In this Episode: Christine’s story behind her wake up call when she discovered she is living in a big fat lie Catalyst point that helped Christine take the leap being an entrepreneur Difference of sales in corporate and the way Christine teach sales today Christine's wisdom around why do entrepreneurs have a hard time with sales What does sales is love means How can people sell with more ease, grace, and conviction while being authentic Christine Schlonski, Founder of Heart Sells! Academy and Host of Heart Sells! Podcast works with heart-centered entrepreneurs who love what they do but can’t sell. She shows them how to sell with ease, grace, and conviction while being authentic. Christine’s experience includes over 12 years in successful selling and closing High-Ticket Live Events in the corporate world. As a former Sales Director she has made millions in revenue herself and through the successful sales teams she's built throughout her career. In her Heart Sells! Academy, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs redefine sales for more impact and profit. “When you actually sell, you share your love.”— Christine Schlonski Discover more about Christine's works and passion on her website Christine Schlonski. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Let’s meet Christine Schlonski! Christine Schlonski Show Notes
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