13 minutes | Jul 30th 2019

Why Are B2C Marketers Crazy About Customer Data Platforms in 2019?

Episode's Topic: Customer Data Management

Episode's Description: How do you foster loyalty with your users? Industry leaders are now realizing the power of Customer Data Platforms in enabling the future of e-commerce: growth through loyalty. What exactly is a CDP? Why do CDPs matter? Check out this audio insight and learn why CDPs are key to creating growth through customer loyalty.

Table of Contents:

  • What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?
  • The differences between CDPs and other data management systems
  • Why Are CDPs Better for Fostering Loyalty?
  • Additional Features to Enhance a CDP

Original Article: https://exponea.com/blog/why-are-b2c-marketers-crazy-about-customer-data-platforms/

The Customer Data Guide to Sustainable Growth (E-Book): https://exponea.com/e-books/customer-data-guide