24 minutes | Nov 4th 2019

What’s a Customer Data Platform? The Definitive Guide to CDPs

Episode's Topic: Customer Data Management

Episode's Description: Have questions about Customer Data Platforms? We’ve got answers. Learn everything you wanted to know about CDP and CDXP.

Find the Answer to These Questions:

  • What Exactly Is a Customer Data Platform?
  • What Is the History of Customer Data Platforms?
  • Why is Customer Data Important?
  • What Kind of Customer Data Does a CDP Work With?
  • What Makes a Customer Data Platform Different from DMP and CRM?
  • Customer Data Platform Types and Usage: Deep Dive
  • What is a Customer Data & Experience Platform? (CDXP)
  • Difference Between Enterprise-Grade CDP and Small Business CDPs
  • How to Use a Customer Data Platform? (Key Use Cases)
  • How Can a CDP Improve Customer Lifetime Value and Foster Customer Loyalty?
  • How Long Does It Take to Implement a Customer Data Platform?
  • How to Choose the Right CDP for Your Company?

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