44 minutes | Feb 4, 2020

Episode 20: Statues of the North Shore

Martha had to be out of town, so this week we bring you another great history episode! Jaye is joined by the owner of The Big Lake, Abby Tofte, to discuss the Statues of the North Shore. They discuss the now-gone King of Neptune that once graced Duluth's Canal Park before being destroyed in 1963. Then, they head up to Silver Bay to discuss their favorite North Shore statue: Rocky Taconite! Learn how Jaye's dad played a big role in Rocky's growing popularity in the mid-2010s. Finally, they jump down to Two Harbors to discuss what may be arguably the most well-known statue on the North Shore: Pierre the Pantsless Voyageur of Two Harbors. Find out why Pierre is pantsless, and all about the efforts put into saving him from being destroyed in 2008.Learn more about Neptune, Rocky, and Pierre on the Exploring the North Shore website!The King of Neptune: https://www.exploringnorthshore.com/king-of-neptune-statue/Rocky Taconite: https://www.exploringnorthshore.com/rocky-taconite/Pierre the Pantsless Voyageur: https://www.exploringnorthshore.com/pierre-the-pantsless-voyageur/Join the Rocky Taconite Fan Club: https://www.exploringnorthshore.com/rocky-taconite-fan-club/Join the Pierre the Pantsless Voyageur of Two Harbors Fan Club: https://www.exploringnorthshore.com/pierre-the-pantsless-voyageur-fan-club/Check out Abby's online store for the Rocky Taconite t-shirt mentioned in the episode: https://thebiglakelife.com/collections/apparelThis episode is sponsored by Cascade Vacation Rentals. Use promo code "Podcast" at check-out to receive Cascade's largest available percent off discount (discount changes seasonally). This episode is also sponsored by The Big Lake. Use promo code "Explore" at check-out to receive 15% off your first online order. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!
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