51 minutes | Jan 21, 2020

Episode 19: Ice Fishing in the BWCA

Joe is back for this week's episode all about ice fishing in the BWCA! Joe and Jaye are joined by Matthew Baxley (last heard from in the Haunted House episode), and Chelsea Lloyd. Plus, Chelsea's sister Whitney and friend, Rachel, come along for the adventure. Joe, Matthew, and Chelsea are the hosts of WTIP's Boundary Waters Podcast. In this cross-over episode, the group heads into the BWCA to ice fish on Duncan Lake. Learn the legalities of fishing in the BWCA, along with some tips and tricks from one of the area's most knowledgeable anglers (Joe). Also, listen to find out if we once again get skunked on an Exploring the North Shore fishing episode. *You can find more information on fishing in the BWCA on the Cascade Vacation Rentals Website: https://www.cascadevacationrentals.com/area-info-ice-fishing-bwca.htm*Plus, listen and subscribe to WTIP's Boundary Waters Podcast to hear more from Joe, Matthew, and Chelsea: https://www.exploringnorthshore.com/listing/wtip-boundary-waters-podcast/*Finally, check out our new website! Full of fun stories, articles, and a detailed business listing for all things North Shore. If you love the North Shore, be sure to bookmark Exploring the North Shore and let us help you plan your next North Shore adventure! https://www.exploringnorthshore.com/*This episode is sponsored by Cascade Vacation Rentals. Use promo code "Podcast" at check-out to receive Cascade's largest available percent off discount (discount changes seasonally). This episode is also sponsored by The Big Lake. Use promo code "Explore" at check-out to receive 15% off your first online order. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!  
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