74 minutes | Jun 1st 2020

Why The Story You Tell Yourself Determines Your Breakthrough with Mickey Roothman - 039

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Mickey Roothman is a Life & Business Transformational Breakthrough Coach, Speaker & Author who is on a mission to help organizations and individuals to self-actualize and live mindful and consciously aware of how our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and beliefs contribute to the external reality we experience and to reaching our highest potential.

As a speaker, coach, author and podcast host of a show called Breakthrough, she aspires to leaving her audiences and clients with greater self-awareness and understanding along with powerful practical tools that bring about tangible and sustainable transformation, growth and expansion on their journey to co-creating the lives and businesses of their dreams.

Noteworthy questions:
  • What were your biggest shifts towards personal growth? (10:07)
  • What does regression hypnosis entail? (16:27) 
  • How do we get integrated with uplifting people? (37:51)

Key takeaways

  • We, as human beings, learn through contrast to see what we do and don’t want. 
  • Our emotions can be seen as alarm bells. They help us gauge whether we’re aligned with our soul’s mission on earth. 
  • The things that are meant to join you on your journey will follow if you just focus on growing you. 
  • Nothing is ever happening to you, it’s always happening for you.

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