56 minutes | Feb 3rd 2020

Take Ownership Of Your Character And Learn To Grow with Phillip Andrew Barbb - 024

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Phillip Andrew is TV Producer and Youth Motivational Speaker. Phillip is dedicated to inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and empowering students, teachers, and educators to reach for their best selves.

Phillip Andrew is also an Emmy-Nominated Los Angeles-based television producer who has been asked to speak around the country educating and encouraging High School and College Students through high energy entertainment and unforgettable storytelling.

Noteworthy questions:
  • How do we change our thinking and direct our focus towards solutions? (17:18)
  • Why is it important for us to take ownership of our character? (27:04)
  • What about the people who think they’re too old to work on character? (33:48)
Key takeaways
  • You need to face what’s going on. Your challenge might not be something like alcohol but your inability to grieve and cope with life.
  • One of the great educators is exposure.
  • Our own, unique stories are amazing because it helps us relate to other people.
  • Your character is you when you strip opinions and reputations away.
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