67 minutes | Apr 28th 2020

Embracing Uncertainty And The Untapped Power Of Endurance with Gavin Shaskolsky - 036

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Gavin has been working as an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Mediator since 2004. His coaching practice integrates Leadership coaching, team coaching, group coaching and international telephonic coaching. 

He is an admitted Attorney of the High court of South Africa, has a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching through the Coaching Centre, is an accredited Time to Think Coach among many other things. Gavin designs and delivers coaching interventions as well as supervising and training coaches.

Gavin is most effective in supporting people to think for themselves; to manage their stress levels and create more balance in their lives; to be clear, purposeful and action orientated.

Noteworthy questions:
  • How do we approach uncertainty and increase bandwidth? (14:15)
  • How do we respond if we’re in an uncertain place? (26:05)
  • Do we need endurance in our life? (43:32)
  • How do we build endurance into our life? (43:32)

Key takeaways

  • Those who have been going to the mental gym will have a little bit more bandwidth to navigate. 
  • Ask yourself, is this happening TO me or FOR me? If so, am I allowing it to happen? 
  • When you’re grateful, you can’t be afraid at the same time. It’s physiologically not possible. 
  • Do you have the intent and commitment to build yourself day by day? 
  • The things that numb and medicate you takes you away from your real experience.

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