51 minutes | Feb 17th 2020

Elevate Your Mental Performance By Winning Your Mental Game with Sebastian Little - 026

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Sebastian Little - NCAA Division I football player, leadership speaker, and mental performance coach. Having learned, implemented, studied, and taught mental performance strategies, Sebastian retains an authentic first-hand connection between theory and application. 

He frequently works with individual athletes, teams, and schools to drive results at all levels of the organization.

His mission: To build a world where leaders, teams, and organizations show up and perform at their best every single day. 

Noteworthy questions:
  • What is the mental game? (10:10)
  • How important is it to work on the mental game? (11:47)
  • What are the actual rewards for high performance? (21:07)
  • How can we improve our mental capacity? (29:11)
Key takeaways
  • Through pain comes a lot of resilience.
  • Most of our mental game is structured around routine. 
  • As you move up higher into performance, what becomes more and more important is how you execute the fundamentals. 
  • Growth = stress + rest. If you’re not pushing the envelope close to failure, you’re not going to reap the benefits of doing so. 
  • One of the biggest ways we can all learn is to distill down the information and share it with others. 
  • You don’t control winning. You control the factors and preparation that allow you to perform at your best.
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