29 minutes | Jan 31st 2021

Exercise & Autism, with Mark Fleming | EDB 231

Autism self-advocate and personal trainer Mark Fleming discusses the importance of exercise for the neuroduvergent. (28 minutes) Mark Fleming is a certified personal trainer. He has a Bachelor degree in Exercise Science and a Masters in Human Performance in 2017 from University of Alabama. Mark is the president and founder of Equally Fit, a personal training studio for those of all abilities. Their goal is to use functional training that not only incorporates strength and cardiovascular training but also incorporates some things within the exercise that can help improve motor planning, improve social skills, and balance. For more about Mark: http://www.equallyfit.com/ https://www.throughtheseautisticeyes.com/ Follow Different Brains on social media: https://twitter.com/diffbrains https://www.facebook.com/different.brains/ https://www.instagram.com/diffbrains/ Check out more episodes of Exploring Different Brains! http://differentbrains.org/category/edb/
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