27 minutes | Oct 10, 2020

How to Become a Travel Blogger ft. LAKSHMI SHARATH | Ep. 02

Shownotes of this episode are available in the Blog “Travelling awards experiences, it bestows memories to cherish forever and stimulates the storyteller within to weave fascinating stories of the journey.” One of the top travel bloggers from India, Lakshmi Sharath is our guest on this episode who has travelled to 5 continents, 25 countries and many more to go. She is a multi-talented personality having a great experience in the field of travelling, travel vlogging, blogging, photography, story-telling and content creation.  Speaking about the achievements, her blog has won Indibloggies - India’s best travel blog of the year, worked with more than 50 clients, tourism boards of Canada, Spain, Germany, Jordan, Poland, South Africa and Indian tourism boards of Rajasthan, Gujarat, UP and MP.  You can find out more about her on www.lakshmisharath.com Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube channel. On this episode, she shares her experiences as a travel blogger and also highlights the skills to be possessed by a blogger.  The timeline of this episode:  01.20 - Guest Intro 03.50 - Beginning of the Career as a Travel Blogger 06.00 - Evolution of Blogging 08.20 - Significance of Storytelling 09.48 - Travel Blogging vs Travel Writing 12.45  - Availability of Indian food in various parts of the world 15.30  - Knowledge of Foreign languages necessary for travel? 17.00  - How to stay Healthy & Fit during travels? 18.08 - A Travel Hack  19.00 - Favourite Destinations 20.30 - Financial Stability of Travel Bloggers 23.00 - Impact of Covid on Travel Industry 24.15 - Final Message for Bloggers You can submit your queries and feedback on my website
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