54 minutes | Apr 15th 2021

In The Zone: Flow Theory and Immersion In Video Games

Josh, Pat, Stoy and Ed from the Boss Rush Games Network sit down to talk about Flow Theory in video games; which is described as a state of immersion that can trigger immense feelings of euphoria and intrinsic reward. It is often reached when you play a game that requires a high amount of skill, and is immensely challenging. Often times you can lose your sense of time and memory when you enter into this state, and we talk about what games get us into this state, and how one can achieve this "flow state."  You can follow Ed on Twitter.  References: Flow and Immersion In Video Games, Flow Theory Applied to Game Design.  Thanks for listening! We are part of the Boss Rush Podcast Network of content creators, be sure to follow them on Twitter and their website bossrushgames.com. Check out our Patreon page www.patreon.com/expcast and consider donating to our podcast! The funds will go directly into the podcast to fund equipment upgrades and bonus content. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @EXPCast to join in on the conversation and interact with us! Watch clips of our episodes on our YouTube channel @EXPCast as well! You can listen to new episodes every Monday and Thursday morning anywhere you follow podcasts. Leave us comments and reviews on iTunes, Podchaser, YouTube or our website www.expcast.com, or email us at expcast20xx@gmail.com.
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