64 minutes | Dec 9th 2019

085: Warren Black – International Tax Expert Champions For Sovereignty

It's great to be back! It's been a few months since I've have had the opportunity to sit down at my desk, put my headphones on and interview some of the most brilliant minds in the expat space. I'm happy to announce that today, I had an amazing conversation with Mr. Warren Black, from WealthSafe.

Warren is a specialist in Australian and international taxation. His expertise is in offshore tax planning and higher-level tax structuring for investors and business owners. His credentials include over 30 years of experience in tax and wealth protection, 10 years at the Australian Taxation Office, he has qualifications as an accountant, lawyer and investment advisor. He is passionate about sovereignty and freeing business owners and investors from the oppression of unjust taxes and government asset thefts - 100% legally.

Warren Black started out of university as an accountant. Law & finance interested him so he decided to obtain a law degree. He worked for the government and absolutely hated it, so quit and opened his own tax business. A few years later he got certified as an investment Councillor and now runs a completely sovereign business helping individuals and businesses legally reduce their tax bill. In Warren’s own words, his mission is to "help his clients slash their tax 100% legally.

Mikkel Thorup and Warren Black have a candid conversation about governments and what they each despise most about government control. The corruption, the bureaucracy, and if countries are not on the ball, we'll be seeing more go the way of Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia. For instance:



Countries like the UAE, where Mikkel Thorup and his family lived for over 8 years, originally had zero income tax. In fact, there was no tax of any sort. Then 2 years ago, they decided to implement a 5% VAT for the entire population. Nothing was exemt, if you could buy it, it was taxed.

Well, the government racked in several million dollars in revenue, and as predicted, has gotten greedy and wants more. We could see that one coming. Once a government tastes this extra 'free' revenue, they always want more. Here it comes: as announced in KhaleejTimes, within the next 18 months, these taxes will be implemented.

  • December 2019 100% tax on tobacco
  • 50% on soft drinks
  • Corporate Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Income Tax

The government just doesn't realize that people have moved to the UAE due to the fact that they can make more money than at home and they don't have to pay any taxes. Do you think they've actually thought this one through? or are they just greedy parasites wanting what their citizens have and more? Predictions are that the population of the UAE will decrease quickly over the next several years.

Companies that don't pay their employees a great salary today will have to double their wages so that they will stay in the country and work; and because of that, costs of goods will double, and all of a sudden the UAE isn't a great place to live and work any longer.

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I had a ton of fun with this interview with Warren Black from Wealth Safe. He is a die-hard libertarian, like me, so we had a lot to chat about. I know you'll love this interview as much as I do. If you haven't had a chance to pop over to see where I'm stationed out of, go to Escape Artist and visit me there. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter, I know you'll get a ton of value from it.

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