14 minutes | Jun 23rd 2020

EYLP 043: How Your Pain Hurts Others

Do you know how the unresolved pain of your past is hurting those around you? Learn the importance of doing the work to heal that pain. Hurt people really do hurt people. Healed people, heal people. Many people use the phrase 'Hurt people, hurt people', without really explaining the rest of the story. This leads to the assumption that 'all' hurt people hurt people. Today we will discuss:

  • The assumption behind this well known phrase.
  • Most hurt people actually go out of their way to not intentionally hurt others.
  • We don't like dealing with how we feel. This leads to stuffing, ignoring, and not dealing with our emotions.
  • Really looking at how your coping mechanisms affect those around you.
  • The importance of doing the work of healing the pain of your past.

Episode 43 - Complete show notes

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