12 minutes | Jun 9th 2020

EYLP 041: Being Curious and Open Minded

Welcome back everyone. I hope you’re all doing well today. We’re going to talk about something that has been weighing heavy on my mind for quite a while. Actually, I really started thinking more about it, a few years ago when the political situation in the country got so heated. It made me really question some things that I believed. And now it’s something I’m seeing even more with some of the things that have been going on in the world with the Coronavirus, with the tragic death of George Floyd, with the political unrest that we’re dealing with once again with the new elections coming. So I just want to share my thoughts and share some of the things that I had to question myself about.

  • Everyone has a right to choose how they want to believe. No one’s belief is better than someone else’s. It’s just simply their belief.
  • Are you changing anyone’s mind when you get nasty with them and call them names and put them down because their beliefs are different than yours?
  • Are you educating them? Are you sharing your point of view or are you trying to cram it down their throat because you believe you’re right? Who are you convincing with those actions?
  • Instead of judging someone because of how they believe or their opinion on something, why not get curious? Why not get curious and find out why that person believes differently than you do? Why not try to gain some understanding as to how they came to that opinion or that belief?

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