15 minutes | Mar 24th 2020

EYLP 030: Is Your Past Keeping You Stuck?

Regardless of what is keeping you stuck today: 

  • fear  
  • limiting beliefs  
  • fixed mindset  
  • doubt  
  • depression  
  • negativity  

These things all come from our beliefs. The belief we have created in our minds by the circumstances that occurred in our past and the meaning we have placed on them. 
How you get rid of things that are keeping you stuck today:
Awareness and Understanding 

  1. Become aware of them. Become aware of the results you are having now. What is keeping you stuck? 
  2. Understand what beliefs you have around this particular result. 
  3. What circumstances from your past have created this belief?  
  4. What lessons can you learn from this circumstance? Are you holding onto something you need to let go of? 
  5. Express how you feel. Talk to someone.  Start journaling. Are the feelings you're feeling, and the thoughts creating these feelings serving you? Are they producing the results you want in your life? 
  6. Where is your focus? Is your focus on the past or on today? 

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