17 minutes | Mar 3rd 2020

EYLP 027: What To Do With Your Superpowers

Last week we went through a list of questions to help you discover your superpowers. You should have a pretty long list of your talents and skills if you answered all of the questions. 

Today we’ll be brainstorming ideas on what you can do with your superpowers. Hint: The sky is the limit. But only if you don’t allow your limiting beliefs and thoughts hold you back.

  • Editing your list
  • Ideas on how you can use your superpowers 
  • What holds us back from trying
  • The compound effect

Where do your superpowers overlap your passion and excitement? If it’s something you’re really good at and it’s something you really enjoy, figure out a way to incorporate it into your life. Start brainstorming ideas on how you can use your superpowers to create something in your life that you will love.

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