21 minutes | Jun 15, 2021

Rheumatologist: Broader Access To Telehealth Specialty Care

Dr. Diana Girnita Founder and CEO of Rheumatologist OnCall direct care telemedicine company actively seeing patients in 6 states. Her practice focus is a highly personalized, evidence-based, and integrative medicine approach for patients with autoimmune diseases and arthritis.She provides instant access to specialized care in a digital format to meet the needs of her patient’s lifestyle, accelerating the diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Topics: 1.     Dr. Girnita, you made the decision years ago to move to a direct Rheumatologist model, tell us a little the background of what led you here. 2.     Let’s talk about the patient experience in a normal specialty medicine model of waiting to see the specialty rheumatologist, maybe in pain waiting, and how your model of the first contact to visit really works? 3.     Tell us a little about the efficiencies of managing a virtual care rheumatologist practice. Do you see more patients, have a better work/life balance, what are the benefits vs. when you used to practice only seeing patients in person, in the office.4.     You are actively seeing patients via telehealth in over 6 states. How have this benefited both patients who might not have access to a rheumatologist and your practice for not being tethered to a physical location? 5.     Do you think the pandemic progressed the virtual care model, have you seen an uptick from patients wanting to be seen over video? Where do you see this 2 years from now?  Support the show (http://www.helpinghumans.care)
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