29 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

Digital Banking Trends in 2021: Brick and Mortar Branches in Banking

Today’s Executive Innovation Show is brought to you by One Touch Video Banking.  We're going to be talking about brick and mortar branches in banking and digital banking trends in 2021. Our guest on the show today is Brit Boatright, CCIM is a Principal and Chief Strategy Officer of Structure First. where he guides financial institutions through the design and construction of new branches, HQs, and branch transformations.  He is a former community bank president with over 27 years' experience in the industry.We are going to be talking about a hot topic that is on everybody's mind. The world of banking has just really changed dramatically since the pandemic and banks overnight have had to embrace digital bank transformation to keep their employees and customers safe, all while trying to run normal business of acquiring new customers and servicing their customers. Support the show (http://www.helpinghumans.care)
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