20 minutes | Sep 21st 2020

Through The Dip

Everyone wants to be successful. Whether in business, relationships, or life, we want our work to pay off. Especially with regard to faith, we want to live for God and receive the great reward of heaven! But not many people make it, really not in any of these categories.  Far too often people start working, and get immediate results, but then... it gets hard. The experience the inevitable dip. Most people give up. But not those who find success. Not those who build great marriages. Not those who see heaven!  Let's talk about how to press on through the dip!

- What do we expect when we put out new effort?

- What is "the dip" and why does it interrupt our growth?

- How do successful people handle success better than most?

- Does Christ expect you to work "through the dip" in your faith?

- What are good reasons to quit something you have started?