20 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

There's No Floor

Have you ever seen the YouTube videos titled: "The Floor is Lava"?  Or how about the new Netflix program of the same name? It's a pretty simple idea - get from one side of the room to the other... with no floor!  Instead of a floor to walk on, there is only water that looks like lava. Instead, there are obstacles to be utilized, to overcome, in order to get to the other side and receive the reward. Most don't make it, but those who do feel amazing about their accomplishment!

So it is with you and me. Life has many obstacles. And most people wish they weren't there. But are you ready to accept that sometimes there is no other option? There's no floor.  You have to tackle the obstacles to move forward.  

"I used to resent obstacles along the path, thinking, 'If only that hand't happened life would be so good.' Then I suddenly realized, life is the obstacles. There is no underlying path."  Janna Levin.

- Why are there troubles in the lives of God's own people?

- Would you prefer a life of no trouble, if it meant no growth?

- How do people get from one place to the other when there is no floor?

- What is the right attitude toward trials and temptations and problems?

- Are you ready to be the kind of person who invites challenges?

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