20 minutes | Jan 4th 2021

The Math Problem

Welcome to Season 3 and thanks for joining in!

I hope you heard last week's episode, as we saw the story of Lorenzo and Heather. What started with overcoming my personal weaknesses, led to someone being baptized into Christ! Did it require some time and money to meet their needs? Yes it did. Was it worth it? Oh yeah!

But the question today isn't: "should we be using our goods to help the needy?" You already know the answer to that. The bigger question is:  "am I actually ready to share?" Maybe some of us have not prepared well to give, to assist, to serve. 

Part of this is "The Math Problem." By the time we get down to what is left in the bank account to give, there just isn't any money left.  There is Netflix, but there isn't $15 to help someone get a lunch. We can do better. But first we need to look at a few key things:

- What is The Math Problem that can keep us from helping?

- What did Paul tell Timothy about what to do with our riches?

- What did Jesus specifically command disciples to do with their goods?

- What did Jesus say will be the criteria for eternal judgment in Matthew 25?

- And what steps can you and I take today to solve The Math Problem and start giving?

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