20 minutes | Dec 7th 2020

Surrender and Fight

This episode is for anyone who knows the right thing to do, but is struggling to do it. You know, with full conviction, what the Bible says, but emotions run high, temptation comes on strong, and you falter. If you have become frustrated with this demeaning and disheartening cycle, this episode is for you.  You can win.  With Christ you can win. But two things are required.  And I mean REQUIRED.  One of them will help, but not for long without them both.  Come and hear the power of combining Surrender and Fight.

- Why do we sometimes behave like Peter: convicted by not consistent?

- What is Surrender and how do we accomplish it in our prayer lives?

- Will God fight for us?  If I ask Him to fill my heart, will He direct my steps?

- How do I fight more valiantly when emotions are trying to burst out of me?

- How important is the combination of surrendering to God and fighting in the moment?

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