20 minutes | Jan 25th 2021

Receiving Is Hard

Giving is powerful. Being a giver makes you better and makes other people better. Giving builds strong relationships.  HOWEVER... so does receiving!  In fact, where there is a giver, there must be a receiver. And yet, great givers sometimes find it very hard to receive. 

There may be some science behind that. Check out 4 observations by Dr. John Amodeo, who has a PHD. in Marital and Family Therapy. You and I must overcome these things if we are to find truly rich, rewarding, fair and growing relationships. 

- Why do we sometimes Defend Against Intimacy?

- Why do I have trouble Letting Go of Control?

- Why do I Fear Attached Strings?

- Why do I carry a Negative View of Receiving?

- Am I willing to Express My Needs to someone in my life?

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