20 minutes | Oct 12th 2020

Only One Returned

Gratitude is one of life's biggest difference makers. To be grateful is to be happy, content, and humble enough to express that to others. Gratitude isn't looking for me, it is thankful to others for what they have already done or who they are. Level 3 Gratitude is taking appreciation beyond words and into action and will literally change your life.

But not everyone has a thankful spirit. In fact, a majority of people, it seems, do not.  Is that you? I want to share three stories taught by Ralph Walker, a gospel preacher from Tampa, Florida.  These will make you think about how you show gratitude to others.

- What does it mean to be grateful?

- How often and in how many conversations do you say "thank you"?

- Why did six people take the candy and not say thank you?

- Why did seventeen people not pour out their hearts in gratefulness for being saved?

- And why did only one man, healed by Jesus, come back to thank Him and worship God?

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