20 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

Meet The Person

The blame game only leads to loses.  Everyone wishes some things in their life was different. Maybe for you it is many things. And while it might be easy to blame others for the circumstances, and express how change can't happen because of things outside yourself... it won't help. In fact, that attitude will only hold you back.

Today I want you to meet the person responsible for your life. This person is powerful, especially when they are walking by faith in Christ and doing things that please God. This person is why you are where you are, and this person can march you to another place, a better place, if you seek it. 

- Who is to blame for the successes and failures in my life?

- Why is it so easy to cast blame onto others for our situation?

- What good does that do?

- How can we become more lucky? Blessed? Get the better bounces in life?

- Is it "Graduation Day" for you?  Is this the day you acknowledge what most will not?

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