20 minutes | Jan 18th 2021

He Learned Obedience

We are Laying out FOUR Action Terms to set the tone for 2021:

1) GIVING (getting ready to share)
2) TEACHING (sharing the Gospel)

Today we add another:  3) LEARNING.   The only way to get better is to learn better. If we don't have new revelation, information, or perspective, how can we actually live better lives? Sadly, there are many people who refuse to learn. Pride keeps them locked into their old, and dated, ways. How can God shape those people for His work?  

But some of us thing we are learning new things, when really we are just recognizing old truths. We can do better.  We can actually allow experiences to reveal things we didn't know. Maybe things about ourselves. Maybe things about others, or God, or our purpose. 

Let's look at how EVEN JESUS "learned" obedience through His experiences. He became something more after the event of His suffering and death. If He can learn and change and become more valuable to people, can't we?  Let's dig in on that and build a better 2021!

- Is it important to learn new things as we live?

- What did you learn about yourself, God and others, in 2020?

- Did you learn new things, or just realize the same old things?

- How does the example of Jesus learning encourage us to grow?

- How will you apply new information as you build your best year ever?

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